Why was this cat so important?

Discover a hidden underwater world!

Fort Victoria holds a wide range of attractions for a day out but visit the Sunken Secrets exhibition and you can get closer to fascinating underwater finds from around the Solent. From famous shipwrecks to submerged landscapes, there's something for everyone.

Stimulate your senses through artefact displays, videos, interactive games and activities.

Hear about the unfortunate ships that have been claimed by the treacherous seas around the island.  

Learn about how maritime archaeologists do their job.

Find out about a lost land beneath the Solent. 

Discover the intriguing history of Fort Victoria as a coastal battery, a sea mining depot, a base for military power boats and the soldiers who served there.

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Maritime Archaeology TrustSupported by Wightlink
Sunken Secrets is a permanent exhibition by the charity the Maritime Archaeology Trust and is kindly supported by Wightlink.